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Welcome To The RedStar2000 Papers
Back in March of 2003, it was suggested to me that my posts to various message boards were sufficiently interesting to be worth a site of their own.

This was a bit difficult for me to believe, but I acquiesced...and in early May of that year this site went on line.

Since then, I've been surprised and very flattered by the favorable responses. It was and is my purpose to offer ideas that revolutionaries will find well as to ruthlessly criticize ideas that are fundamentally reactionary -- no matter who puts them forward.

I am obviously not "Marx" or even "Engels" -- but I try, to the best of my limited abilities, to look at social reality in the same critical sense that they did.

The collections here are in rough chronological order, but in no particular order with regard to subject matter. I have done some limited editing -- removing usernames from quotations and eliminating irrelevant paragraphs occasionally. But what you read here will usually be very close to or identical with what I originally posted.

I am especially grateful to those good people who assisted and encouraged me with this project -- you know who you are.

This is a site about communist ideas -- make the most of it!

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Latest Theory Collections
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Conversations with Capitalists May 21, 2006
Vegetable Morality April 17, 2006
Parents and Children April 11, 2006
The Curse of Lenin's Mummy April 3, 2006
Defining Theory Collections
What Did Marx "Get Wrong"? September 13, 2004
Class in Post-Revolutionary Society - Part 1 July 9, 2004
Demarchy and a New Revolutionary Communist Movement November 13, 2003
A New Type of Communist Organization October 5, 2003
The "Tools" of Marxism July 19, 2003
Marxism Without the Crap July 3, 2003
What is Socialism? An Attempt at a Brief Definition June 19, 2003
What is Communism? A Brief Definition June 19, 2003
A New Communist Paradigm for the 21st Century May 8, 2003
On "Dialectics" -- The Heresy Posts May 8, 2003
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In brief, my opinion is that we should try for a stateless society on "day one" after the revolution. But if that turns out not to be practical, then a "Paris Commune" kind of "state" would be the only acceptable alternative. The Leninist/Stalinist/Maoist "hyper-state" is simply out of the question.  

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