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The REDSTAR2000 Papers

Listen to the worm of doubt, for it speaks truth. - Leftist Discussion
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Marxism Without the Crap July 3, 2003
What is Socialism? An Attempt at a Brief Definition June 19, 2003
What is Communism? A Brief Definition June 19, 2003
A New Communist Paradigm for the 21st Century May 8, 2003
On "Dialectics" -- The Heresy Posts May 8, 2003
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This planet is fucked up! Which is to say that it was not "designed" for our comfort, convenience, or even safety. If we want to live on a planet that is both safe and pleasant to live on, we shall ultimately have to make one (or more). Since such a task far exceeds our present capabilities, the only recourse we presently have is to modify the planet we currently inhabit in such directions as make it safer and more pleasant for us to live on. To dominate nature instead of being dominated by it.  

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