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Like any "net junkie", there are lots of sites that I might briefly visit in the course of a day. But these are the ones I go to on a regular basis.


· Drop Out! - A fantastic site for rebellious high school students. If you're tired of the taste of shit, stop eating it!


· BBC News - It's often frustrating to read their all-too-brief and cryptic accounts of popular uprisings...that go completely unmentioned every place else.
· San Francisco Chronicle - The home page of the San Francisco Chronicle...quite possibly the most "progressive" American newspaper, which, as you no doubt suspect, isn't really saying very much.


· Harper's Magazine - HARPER'S magazine may be the most unusually critical monthly published in the United States. Unfortunately, the full text of the print edition is not available on-line...but whatever happens to be there when you go will usually be informative and often entertaining as well.
· - This is a daily news summary from Venezuela...and a remarkably odd mixture of interesting and utterly nutball journalism. I rarely miss a day here.


· New York City IndyMedia - This is probably far and away the most interesting of the American IndyMedia sites...there is, on occasion, actual substantive discussion here.
· - Another excellent summary of news without the capitalist spin.
· The Information Clearing House - News you won't find on CNN & Fox "moooos" -- excellent.
· Frontlines - Not as well documented as the other sources above, but still very informative.
· The Narco News Bulletin - Looking at the "war on drugs" from the Latin American point of view.


· The Marxist Archives - The complete texts of the works of Marx and Engels and a great deal of other material as well. There's simply nothing else like it on the net.
· - This is something entirely new...a philosophically exhaustive refutation of all the "dialectical superstitions" that have plagued the Marxist left for over a century. I cannot praise highly enough what may someday -- in more sensible times than ours -- become a classic. This is not "easy reading"...but you will find it "easier" and "clearer" than any other philosophical work you have ever attempted to read.


· Revolutionary Left - My internet "home"...getting close to 25,000 posts here and no end in sight...unless the fake "lefties" manage to get me booted out. Ha!


· Insult Monger - Outgunned in a "flame thread"? Visit the "armory" of internet flame-throwers and choose a suitable weapon to anihilate your despicable opponent. But use with discretion; the word "over-kill" is not in their vocabulary.
· - Start your day with a free comic...My pick is "Calvin & Hobbes" but they have a very large selection.


Here are two interesting collections of material that came highly recommended to me...and I pass that recommendation on to you.

· Class Against Class
· Question Everything

The titles of these sites should be enough to suggest what you may find...serious stuff very much worth your time.

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The "professional" under capitalism does not concern himself with the social consequences of his daily work; he’s just doing his job within whatever constraints might exist at any given moment. He "carries out his orders" no matter what they might be. So, if he is ordered to apprehend a random sniper on a killing spree, he works as hard as he can to do that. If he is ordered to round up the jews to be executed, he works as hard as he can to do that, too. To him, it’s all in a day’s work.  

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