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The Influence of Political Thought May 6, 2003 by RedStar2000

Why should it make any difference "in world history" if I or anyone creates a "personal web page" full of whatever occurs to me might be interesting?

Isn't it just vanity or egotism or narcissism?

Probably so...but there's no way to tell for sure. And that's why I'm doing it.

There are many millions, perhaps even billions, of political opinions circulating in the world...and with the internet, they circulate at the speed of light (or very close to it). The period in which this or that "great man" could influence millions may be coming to a close; now those of us who are quite "ordinary" (meaning not rich and famous) are beginning to influence each other.

This has some rather obvious implications for those who want to "change the world." It may become increasingly unnecessary to have a "great leader", some charismatic figure who inspires thought and activity from those who would otherwise be passive. We no longer need to be passive.

An idea that makes sense to a few people can, at that speed of light, spread in a few days to millions of people across the planet. In theory, that idea could come from anyone...even you or me!

Imagine, therefore, a "virus" that is not a program to disrupt a computer but rather an idea to disrupt a global society...a new way to look at exploitation and oppression, a new way to fight it and ultimately destroy it.

Needless to say, I don't claim to have such an idea yet...but I could. And so could you! Think about that.

And since we know that all ideas are based on material conditions, that new idea won't be thought up just is much more likely that it will be independently "invented" by thousands of people, who will communicate it to millions.

People didn't wake up one morning in the middle ages and say "Hey, feudalism sucks! Let's have capitalism instead." It took centuries for capitalist ideas to slowly spread across Europe, into the Americas and the Far East, etc.

We live in different times. It is theoretically possible that tens of millions of people who know nothing of communism or anarchism today could become "experts" in a couple of years. This could happen at any time.

So, in a way, this website is my personal lottery ticket to the future of the world; should people find it interesting and instructive, then I will have "changed the world" without ever getting off my ass. The odds are enormously against any particular individual effort making that much of a difference...but, as things stand now, who knows?

More than ever before, history is passing into the hands of the working class. It wouldn't hurt if we started to learn what to do with it.

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